22 January 2023

Stationary: January Haul


While visiting my friends in San Jose, we took a trip to the mall and stopped by a stationary store, Maido. Recently my friends have reignited (and reinvented) my love for stationary and journaling, so I've been building up my collection to use for (ideally) daily journaling. I ended up taking critical damage upon entry and went a little crazy buying stationary supplies there. LOL
The store was full of all sorts of things, plushtoys, figurines, you name it.

Here's most of my haul! I had to stop myself from buying more stickers, but I'm really happy with the ones I got.
I hadn't heard about these before, but Zebra midliners are really popular! They're technically highlighters, but they work great for subtle fill-ins on sketches. I initially planned to buy only one or two colors, and then ended up getting all the ones available.. and there's even more!
Washi tape! I'm thinking the next time I'm up in Canada, I'd like to pick up some acrylic display cases from Muji so I can store them properly. Right now they're just kind of everywhere around my room, haha.
This one isn't a purchase, but I really wanted to show it! This is a beautiful present given to me by my dear friend Poi. I was floored when I opened it, because I've been really into Kuretake brush pens and inks lately, and wanted to do more plein air painting and urban sketching again. Now I can! I'm so, so happy. Thank you so much!

Some of these are from November and December. I bought a few stickers and memo notes to (hopefully) help me start healthier habits and lifestyle changes. To be honest, I didn't use my 2022 techo much, but I'm planning on filling it up with sketches still as well as using a 2023 cousin for better journal entries.
These are Iconic 2Way Retro Markers!! They're also great for doodling, highlighting, and decorating, but I mostly got them because they're my favorite color combo. I had to take a photo of them with my keyboard, haha!

My hope is to really make use of the techo Cousin this year, which my friends and I will do a group order for at the end of the month. I'll try to post some snippets of them when I can!

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