21 November 2022

 The past week I've been in a daze of sleeping, pain, and a heartbeat so slow I wondered if it would stop altogether. I got my wisdom teeth taken out on the 15th, so my schedule has been something like this, give or take a few hours:

8AM: eat breakfast, take 1 amoxycillin, 1 ibuprofen, 2 dexamethasone

8:30-1PM: sleep

1PM: Eat lunch, take 1 amoxycillin, 1 ibuprofen

1:-4PM: sleep

5-6PM: Eat dinner, take 1 amoxycilin, 1 ibuprofen, 1 metformin

9PM: take 1 SSRI, 1 OCP, drink chamomile tea

11PM: sleep

Sometimes it's like this:

4AM: wake up in tears, scarf down whatever I can manage to eat carefully, take 1 ibuprofen, pass out again

I didn't expect the medication to make me so tired, and I'm not sure what is contributing to it, but my bpm has been decreasing every day, too. Usually my fitbit says 75-78bpm, and lately it's been 66-70bpm, getting lower and lower. When I sleep it's gone as low as 54bpm. And even worse my vision has gotten so blurry that I can barely see anything. When I'm on my phone I feel normal, I can read things clearly close to my face, but an arm's length away I can't even see my mother's face. I don't know why it's happening, and it feels like no one is taking me seriously. I hope it goes away soon. I hope things get better.

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