31 January 2022

Iceland: Film - Gulfoss and Geysir

It took several years, I'll be honest, but I finally got my film from my Iceland 2019 trip developed this month as a birthday present. I'm certain they went through a great degree of degrading, but they are mine and they are precious to me.

One of the biggest worries for me on this trip was transporting undeveloped film across multiple flights (in total we had four). While buying film at a local camera store, I asked for advice on how to prepare everything I needed for security. Their tips mirrored The Darkroom's article on this very subject, and made it a breeze for both me and the agents:
  • Take your film out of all canisters and wrappers.
  • Place it in a transparent, ziplock bag.
  • Keep your film in a side pocket or other easy-access area of your carry-on for quick removal.
  • Don’t keep film in any luggage or baggage that will be checked. This includes cameras that still have film in them.
Thankfully the airport was very quiet, and getting through TSA was quite relaxed compared to most trips. I asked one of the agents at the security line for a hand inspection (both of my film camera and a bag of undeveloped film) and it was a very easy process. Maybe it was the holiday mood, but everyone was in good spirits and were very accommodating.

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