07 May 2021

unlimited hostabilities

After a month of regular watering, new growth has been steadily sprouting in our hosta francee. Watching it change day after day has been a humbling experience, and I'll admit I was nearly brought to tears. 
Here's how it looked on May 1st, 6 days ago. I. didn't take a photo at the start of watering, but that new growth wasn't there before. It pains me to see its current condition in photo form, but that's just how it is sometimes. All you can do is keep moving forward and try (to take care of plants) better.
May 5th! Look at it grow!
and today!
I didn't even know hostas flowered.
There's also a new leaf on our dieffenbachia that has been slowly unfurling.
I still haven't repotted it yet (the pot we bought doesn't have any drain holes so I have to drill them in). On its current planter stand, it's about to reach the ceiling!
Our jade plant is enjoying its new soil and home.
The gnarling of our monstera.
I've been trying to look for photos of a monstera similar to ours, but I haven't had much luck yet. Ours has very long vines that lead to a slightly fuller array of leaves, and I've been reading that this happens when they're left unpruned. I was afraid of making too many cuttings and stressing it out after repotting, but I may need to do more work on this as time goes by.
Some new leaves are sprouting and chasing the sunlight (I think it might need more sun, also).

The dappled sunlight against the leaves are the best....
One of the monstera cuttings has started rooting! I'm so happy! Unfortunately the other one hasn't at all, so I'm afraid it won't survive for very long...
All three of the begonia "cuttings" seem to be doing very well, too! Once I get another pot, I can plant them.

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