23 March 2020

Orion's Museum Opening!

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, I'm sure my love for aquariums comes as no surprise. Virtual ones are no exception! I was blown away by the depth and care of ACNH's museum layout - you can really feel the love pouring into every little detail walking around the space. Thank you to the team for making the museum a truly wondrous place to view and learn about the creatures we share this island with!

 I can't wait to start filling up the exhibits!

The trees are really growing!
I "met" Harvey today!
Veera and I visited Gourd's island!
They have a natural star pond! It's so cute! What would you wish for at a star pond?
Inside Gourd's house....
"The baby's just chilling" - Gourd
We came back to my island for a tour!

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