16 January 2020

Canada 2020: Birthday weekend

On my way to the station, I overheard a tender conversation over the phone. Kind words spoken softly in an elevator, its warmth replacing the cold winter air. I couldn't help but bring those words with me across the border. 

This weekend I set off for a trip to Vancouver!
The trip up is usually uneventful, but it's two years in a row that it's snowed right before.
I caught the setting sun as soon as I arrived. Sunsets on the snow really are the best. 

I met up with Ly for some dinner at Fat Mao Noodles! It was amazing! Definitely coming back again.
After dinner, I took the skytrain (which was packed!) and we all got Gong cha and bubble waffles before heading home.
You'll be proud to know I've been learning how to pack lighter and lighter.
Just one small duffelbag! I did my best!
Gourd's family....
I was surprised with a birthday gift from Coco's trip to Japan!! It makes me happy that my friends remember the things I like. 

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