14 December 2019

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - Geirabakarí Kaffihús and Hafnarfjall

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was one of my favorite movies of 2013, so during our trip in Iceland we paid homage to it by visiting one of its film locations.

While the story takes the audience through various countries and adventures, many of the scenes were shot in Iceland. There are locations all around the island, but the easiest for us to go to happened to be on our way to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. In Borgarnes, West Iceland resides the infamous and "isolated" Papa John's Pizza - or, in real life, Geirabakarí Kaffihús.

Geirabakarí is incredibly easy to get to as it's just off Route 1 (popularly known as the Ring Road). You can see it from the road before you exit. Even if you're not there because of the movie, it's a really great stop for coffee and a bite if you need to fill up gas at the nearby station!
Walter Mitty seeing the Papa John's sign, 01h 05m 21s
Due to the heavy winds and ice, it was difficult to get multiple shots of the cafe that matched the movie stills. I also had no service, so I wasn't able to look up the scenes for reference. Next time I'll save some stills onto my phone so I know which angles to take! haha. 
Walter updating his check register, 01h 05m 43s
 The view from inside the cafe is absolutely amazing thanks to the floor to ceiling windows. 
Stills from the movie line the top of the windows!

View of the mountain, 01h 09m 43s
The mountain, Hafnarfjall, blanketed by snow from the storm a few days prior
I tried to get as close of an angle as possible, but here you can see the road and rock wall better

We grabbed some lattes and I got to try my first astarpungar - which were amazing! Astarpungar (or Love Balls) are cake donuts with raisins that are golden crispy on the outside and soft and cakey on the inside. I've always liked bread with raisins in it, so this was a lovely treat. I'll definitely try making them at home sometime!
Blatant product placement aside, My mom and I would never have known to stop by such a wonderful bakery if not for this movie. So wonderful, in fact, that we stopped by twice! The first photo in this entry was taken on the second day when the sun was a little lower.  

Special thanks to those who visited here before:

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