12 April 2019

the memories that pile up

A long time ago I bought a Konica Acom-1 and did a test roll of film but never took it out of my camera. Then I bought an Asahi Pentax Spotmatic on ebay for $24 back in 2017 and let both of those collect dust for a few more years. At the start of 2019 I had a dream that encouraged me to pick up film again, so I did. I'm a pretty simple person.
About 2 weeks ago I sent in 4 rolls of film (the 2 I shot, and 2 mystery ones my uncle gave me) to get developed. Unfortunately the Acom-1 roll didn’t develop any images. I have a vague memory of the photos that were in there, but it would’ve been nice to have seen them again. The good news is that the other 3 did, so I got my prints back today and wanted to share the ones shot with my pentax sp.
The transit center at sunset 
 A lot of the shots that turned out well are from my day trip to Ilwaco. I had to google the ideal settings for a sunny day by the sea, haha! And then I found out how to use the meter.
 The way that the sunlight was captured on the trail is breathtaking.
 I really love these shots — not all of the ones I got back are good because I was fiddling around with the settings but the last half really shows what I learned along the way. 
This one is my absolute favorite from the roll.
I accidentally forgot to press the release button while preparing to take out the film so the last couple of frames got ruined. I had taken about 3-4 more shots after this one at UW. I think the red streaks make it more beautiful, though — it's a memory imprinted forever.

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