09 April 2019

golden stars of spring

 Spring is here and with it the cherry blossoms have settled into their full bloom, with the tulips right around the corner. It's always exciting trying to chase the blooms of everything I want to see, and this year I'm hoping to try something new!

My memories from elementary school are relatively vivid, but I'd have to say the most prominent ones are of the fourth grade. That year I took up the harmonica and spent recess by the classroom door, learning how to play Danny Boy (one of my favorite songs). I begged my mom to let me take home our classroom hamster, but gave them to the girl who was sick the day we were supposed to give our parent notes of approval. My friend then gave me her hamster, Penny, who I loved dearly as my first pet. 

Most of all, though, is the memory of my fourth grade teacher, who loved daffodils. As often as she could, she would decorate our tables with fresh daffodils in a small vase. I remember learning how to make daffodil paper flowers out of colored tissue in her class, and would frequently find myself drawing daffodils whenever I could.
It's funny what you carry through to adulthood, and how much of an impact a teacher's love and passion makes. When I saw this bed of daffodils at Queen Elizabeth Park, I was reminded of her. She was definitely one of my favorite teachers - gentle but respected.

I usually go up to La Conner for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festivals, but they also host Daffodil and Lavender Festivals - something I've only found out recently! I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it in time, but I'd love to see the fields of daffodils before they go. 
I hope you're doing well!

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