03 February 2019

in February air

Mustard has always been a "taboo" color for me, despite being a huge fan of it. One of my mentors told me that I didn't look good in yellow while I was trying on a jacket, and I took that to heart. Last year I decided I didn't care if mustard looked "good" on me anymore and bought this parka.
This parka is absolutely massive, and it's definitely the loudest piece of clothing I own. At first I was worried, but it fit so easily into my wardrobe with all my olives and plaids. I should've been buying mustard clothes sooner !! It's become one of my favorite jackets to wear now.

I love pairing it with these boots, although they're pretty worn out by now and should really be replaced.
The faux fur lining is one of my favorite parts - it keeps me super warm and has a really nice mix of colors. The sleeves also end at the perfect length. One of my other favorite parts was discovering that the side pockets are so deep they can safely fit a large drink from 85c bakery. LOL 
I think it's important to take advice with a grain of salt, and not restrict yourself based on the opinions of others. If it makes you happy, then does it really matter if it looks "good" to someone else? I'm finding more confidence in myself every day.

Outfit Details

ASOS Yellow parka
ST JOHN'S BAY Green sweater
GIFT Harmonica necklace
MEING Pleated wool skirt
ROCKET DOG Ankle combat boots

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