24 April 2018

New York: Foggy red-eyes

Angela and I have been talking about taking another trip together since we went up to Vancouver for New Years. We're both really chill, go-by-the-flow travelers, and it's always such a joy going places with just the two of us. It seemed like such a fun idea to spontaneously go somewhere, so we picked New York! I haven't been since 2011, so I was excited to see old and new places.

I took the lightrail to Angela's house and carpooled with her to the airport. We were catching a red-eye flight and landed at 5AM. I don't know when I last took a red-eye, but I always regret it, haha! I really think it's worth the extra money to fly at a more reasonable time.
Last time I took the subway to NYC with my friend Kayla, and thought I had it under control, but I ended up getting us lost... so we took an uber to our hotel to be safe.
Of course, we got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Angela napped in the car while I stared out the window. I can usually fall asleep in cars really easily, but rideshares never feel comfortable enough to do that.
We finally made it to our hotel! First thing I did was get something from Dunks.
 There was still a lot of time til our room opened, so we ate breakfast and chilled in the lounge.

Once our room was ready we passed out for.. a long time. LOL
It was already night time!!! And foggy! The city lights were so cool.
We were still groggy from the flight, so we got dinner nearby at The Three Monkeys. The music and crowd was pretty loud so it was a little difficult to talk to each other. 

I forgot which of us brought an HDMI cable, but after dinner we hooked up Angela's laptop to the big TV in our room and I watched her do her dailies in WoW until I passed out. I've always enjoyed watching people play video games, so it's nice that Angela doesn't mind that. LOL

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