15 February 2018

Skinning my PS4

Aesthetics on a budget, basically. 2 years ago I got my PS4 in preparation for The Last Guardian's release. Amazon had a really good lightning deal during Black Friday ($250USD for Uncharted 4, Skyrim, and Fallout 4!), so I picked one up. Then two months later, Sony released a Glacier White variant for EU and JP,  and a month after that released for the US. Dang! "If I'd waited just a couple months" ran through my head, but a deal is a deal and I'm still happy with my purchase. Instead of going through the hassle of buying a new PS4 simply because I wanted the white one (I thought about it for a long time, and in the end concluded that I'm too lazy), my friend suggested I buy a solid white decal.

So I did, and for $20.00 it's pretty good. I got the Solid State White in high gloss from DecalGirl, and it looks very clean. The decal was insanely easy to put on, especially after a quick view of their helpful video.

My PS4 is placed on my desk in a spot where I can see the corners (where the strips break), but from all other angles it looks great.
At first I wasn't too fond of the black peaking out, but it matches my NZXT case really well, especially with the Younik stand! Happy accidents, or relentless optimism? 
If there's one thing I could change, though, it would be to fill in the matte black portions of the logo. The decal comes with a logo cover, so I might play around with covering it up in certain areas. We'll see!

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