24 September 2017

My Hero Academia: Deku and Uraraka progress!

My love and appreciation for My Hero Academia was almost instantaneous. I started with the anime, and 1 episode in I was already sobbing hard. And then with episode 2 I cried more. And episode 3 even more. Then I picked up the manga and caught up in... maybe a day or two. Still lots of crying. I end up getting teary-eyed almost every time -- there's just a lot to love about the story and the characters. 

Fast forward to now and I'm finally starting to put together the pieces for some cosplays! I couldn't decide whether I wanted to cosplay Deku or Uraraka (I love Uraraka to bits, but I see more of myself in Deku - meek, mumbles a lot, really nerdy and always flustered... anyways..) so I went with both!
I ordered two different uniforms off taobao to test out, and only ordered a skirt with one since the likelihood of me fitting into premade pants was 0.
These days I buy two of the same uniform from different shops, because of color/quality differences like above ^ I prefer the colors on the left more, but the cut of the right is more masculine.. sigh! I would link both stores I got these from, but the left has disappeared... LOL 
I bought Deku's shoes separately, and the quality isn't tooo great but they look awesome (to me). I just gotta buy some black shoelaces.
Uraraka's costume is super cute and has a feminine fit, but I wish I'd gotten a size smaller in that case. It's just a little too big for a girl's uniform. Her wig is soooo soft though! I'm excited to style it, but I'm not sure if I want to cut the bangs to be an accurate length - not too fond of exposing both of my eyebrows....

As far as the hero outfits go, I'm working on Deku's 2nd(3rd?) hero outfit!

 The color has been hard to match because it's in between blue-green with a bit more towards green in the anime, but I've settled on the top color below. I think it matches the manga colors more, which I'm fine with -- complexion-wise the blue might be more flattering anyways. I hope it turns out well! It'll be my first time making a (albeit loose) bodysuit.
I think it would also be fun to put together a pro hero cosplay group... but I'm not sure who I'd be yet!

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