15 July 2017

A weekend in Victoria, BC

Before Daniel left for Japan, we wanted to take a trip to Victoria, BC. I've only been to Vancouver, so I was really excited to go! It is surprisingly very easy to travel to Victoria from Seattle, thanks to the Victoria Clipper rides. I spent 5 years watching the boats come and go from class, and now it was my turn!

On the day of, we woke up early and had a delicious breakfast sandwich at the Clipper cafe. Both of us were exhausted, so as soon as we boarded and grabbed our seats we passed out lol!

We were worried about the weather, but as we docked into Victoria the sun was shining, and everyone was out and about. Since it was such a nice day we started walking towards our hotel.
As soon as we started walking, we heard music playing and decided to follow it. Along the marina, a water ballet was going on! The Victoria Harbour Ferry has been putting on performances for the past 25 years, every Saturday and Sunday during the summer.
You can read more about the water ballet here.
As we kept walking, I kept stopping to snap photos of all of the beautiful buildings (sorry Daniel!) 

It's completely different from Seattle, and I was immediately smitten.
We stopped for lunch at Frankie's Diner. I was feeling a bit nauseous so I stuck with clam chowder and salad.
There was still a lot of time left til our room was ready, so we walked around The Empress Hotel garden
These hydrangeas were such cute shades of pink and blue, it was like cotton candy flowers.

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