07 April 2017

Cosplay Progress: Rin Okumura II

Some progress updates/fixes for my Rin cosplays!! Styled his wig a lot better -- it's less of a sweaty mop! hahaha. I really want to do Rin's Kyoto Saga arc, so I bought his shirt and sweats today! I wonder if Rin is an Ad*das fan, because that's where I got both of them haha. There are some tutorials on removing (and adding) heatpress vinyl designs on t-shirts, so I may or may not attempt to remove the logo in order to add the "THANK YOU 39" design onto the shirt. I'll have to be really careful, whatever I decide to do, cause this shirt is so nice and comfy lol!!

As far as his poncho goes, I started fabric dyeing this base so that it's darker. My first pass didn't go so well (the color is still way too light), so I'm going to increase the dye formula and try again.
While I was out, I also got new pants and a new dress shirt! It's amazing how your overall look changes with clothes that fit right >< The dress shirt was a BOGO 1/2 off too!! So I got a long-sleeve and a short sleeve for general (male) uniform cosplays. I'm excited to wear Rin again!!

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