15 March 2017

It's been awhile!

Life hasn't stopped moving, but I will try to pick up where I left off with the next few posts. I'll try to take things slow and not overwhelm myself with starting too many entries at once (a very bad habit), so I'll pick something short and sweet.

I went to SoCal for a business trip, and during one of my days off I ate brunch with my uncle. We stopped by a pet store to get some more food for his new puppy, so I got to meet the owner's shibas, Bowser and Mochi, while they roamed about!
Mochi was a social butterfly -- he enjoyed walking around and coming over for pets!
they typically hung out together watching the storefront. Such diligent employees!
Next door was Fujiyama Nursery, though sad to say that they're closing down after being in business for 53 years. She told us a bit about herself, and how she used to run this nursery with her husband.
a customer's bonsai - so gorgeous!
My uncle has been very fond of bonsai lately, so he picked one up while we were there.
Rainy days bring out such beautiful greens in plants.

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