23 February 2017

Super nostalgic!

Last year we moved around stuff in our storage, and I found a ton of old things from my childhood -- my gamecube, nintendo64 games, old anime DVDs (you know.. the 3 episode ones that went for $20-$25/ea), and amazingly enough... my pokemon TCG collection!

I thought I'd lost these, so I was overcome with joy upon seeing them -- perfectly preserved over who knows how many years (I mean I'll tell you how many, at least 15!). The sleeves, pages, and binder were in desperate need of replacing though, so I did a complete overhaul and bought new everything.
My days off after finding my collection involved organizing all my cards haha. I collected the international sets as well, but I'm not really sure why...
Instead of playing the game with classmates, I purely collected these. Every new pack I got, I immediately put them into my binder. I was a near mint fanatic before I knew the value these cards would have. LOL!

 My goal is to collect all of first gen (Base set, Jungle, and Fossil) -- and to have most of them be 1st editions as well. I say most, because the rare holos are anywhere between $5-$600+... especially the starters. I'm pretty content that most of the ones I have already are the shadowless ones. :) 

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