04 December 2016

Your Lie in April: Kaori Miyazono - 1/8 Scale

She's hereeee!!! She's finally here!!!!
A little background story about Good Smile Company's 1/8th scale Kaori Miyazono in particular: this is the figure that sparked my interest in possibly beginning a collection. I know there are hundreds and hundreds of beautifully-crafted and elaborate figures out there in the world, but the day I came across photos of this one over a year ago... I was completely captivated. I think it was the first time I ever realized how serene and gentle figures could look, and the first time I really understood how much effort and precision goes into sculpting them.
Back then, however, I was just finishing school and didn't have time yet to check out Your Lie in April, so I couldn't justify pre-ordering a figure from a series I knew nothing about. But wow! This figure really stuck with me, and I ended up browsing AmiAmi every now and then looking at figures I would collect, if I were to have a collection. Wonder Festival (Wonfes, for short), a semiannual figure showcase event, was also something I took an interest in, and I enjoyed staying up late watching live coverage of the upcoming releases.
so much detail is in the violin alone!
Being so heavily invested in cosplay, I couldn't have both hobbies with my income, and I had no idea how I would display a collection anyways (cause, realistically, would I really stop at just one?). But I couldn't forget how pretty this figure was.
I ended up watching YLiA at the very beginning of this year, at the steadfast encouragement of my mom and boyfriend, and fell in love wholly and truly. The reason why I put it off for so long, despite having lots of opportunities, was because I knew it would wreck me emotionally. LOL! I cried many, many times every few episodes, and I couldn't watch another sad thing for a long while.
Immediately after finishing the anime, I bought everything to cosplay Kaori (although I see most of myself in Kousei), and debuted as her for Sakuracon 2016.
I'm sure you're seeing where this is going... I was browsing Twitter one day, and to my complete surprise, I saw that this figure was being rereleased - and pre-orders had gone up!

So fast forward several upon several months, add in a bit of delays, and here we are. Maybe it's silly sharing the sentimentality I formed with this figure, but it really means a lot to me to actually own it! It prefaced a lot of friendships and memories I now have thanks to checking out YLiA. I felt like, if I were to ever collect figures, this would be the very first (or even only!) one I would love to have.
What I love most about this figure, sculpted by Windflower's Chikai, is the gentleness in how her hair flows. It really gives you a peaceful sense of motion, true to the imagery in the series.
As countless other bloggers have pointed out, her nail polish has such a cute shine to it!
The paintwork enhances the beauty of it even further. The colors chosen are so pleasing to the eye, and all of the small details adds so much depth to her overall design.

I haven't figured out where or how I want to display her, but I'll think about that later! haha. Thanks for reading. :)

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