25 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

This year I spent the holidays in California with my relatives. My great aunt flew in from Missouri, so we had a little reunion! It was a quiet Christmas day cooking together and watching TV. I was in charge of photographing the food (as always), however I wasn't able to shoot everything.
We forgot to buy more vegetables, and since everywhere was closed, had a very modest spread LOL!
Using the KitchenAid to mash the potatoes. So creamy!
The main entree for the night was ribeye roast. It's amazing how far salt, pepper, and garlic powder goes. The meat was butter-knife tender and so flavorful!!

Christmas Day is also my great aunt's birthday, so my cousin surprised us all with cake! It was my first time eating this type of cake, and my first time trying desserts from Porto's Bakery.
so sweet and fruity!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday!

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