21 December 2016

Lunch by the sea

This afternoon we drove to Santa Monica Seafood in Costa Mesa for lunch! It had a fish market filled with many types of freshly-caught and prepared fish as well as a cafe!

Despite the pouring rain, the outdoor seating area was well-heated and it was pretty relaxing having the rain for background noise (once you tune out the traffic and sirens).
As always, calamari for appetizers. :)
The baked mussels were great! Not chewy in the slightest.
A lot of us ordered the New England clam chowder. I still find Pike Place Chowder the best.
Someone ordered fish and chips!! Unfortunately I'm allergic to white fish and was green with envy. :(
The Wild Isles Salmon, one of two fish I know that I can eat. So yummy!
A shot of "The Tower," a landmark PCH water tower that was turned into a three-story house back in the 80s. You can even reserve it for a vacation trip.
We went for a scenic drive on the coastline and stopped by Seal Beach Pier before the rain got worse.

The lamp posts were decorated with festive ribbons and garlands.
Since the pier was slick with rainwater, we only walked for a short ways before turning back.
Stopped by the store and saw some cute Holiday desserts!
This goat cheese was super cute -- I've never seen packaging like this before.
After grabbing food, I got ready and headed for a Christmas party at my friend's house.

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