09 December 2016

It snowed last night!!

 I happened to still be awake last night when it first started falling, so I was really excited to get outside today! I charged my batteries overnight and bundled up for a snowy walk in the afternoon. :)
To my complete surprise I stumbled across a holly tree! We had a holly tree right in our front yard at our old house, so this brought back memories. It was home to a lot of small birds, so you could always hear chirping when you walked by.
I almost slipped because it was on a slight hill! 
Snow in Seattle is gorgeous with all of our evergreens. Though a bit dangerous, it's really fun hiking/walking trails in the snow-capped forests and mountains.
I really missed walking through trails. Maybe I'll walk through here more often!
While taking photos, I came across a handsome pup and his owner!
They were playing in the snow when I asked for photos. He was super friendly and kept running over to me for pets and rubs!
His nametag says Polaris - a gorgeous name for such a shimmery-white dog.
He kept getting wrapped up in his leash! hahaha
Although not very winter-y, I liked the contrast of yellow from all of the white, green, and concrete. It was gently swaying in the chilly air.  
This bush was frosted all over - so pretty!

The snow melted a lot from last night, and it wasn't snowing today - but it was pleasant to see all the same. I wonder if it'll snow some more? Stay safe out there on the roads!

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