03 November 2016

Bellewood Acres: The Orchard

Beyond a trail of evergreens were the Bellewood Acres' orchard. Here you can pick your own apples!
The cozy, wooded trail opened up to a wide expanse of land.
you could see the mountains a bit more clearly from here.
there were even horses! :)
this one had a very beautiful color, and quite the haircut!
the maple trees were very large, and looked perfect for climbing
At first, we wanted to strategize our apple-picking by surveying all of the different apples there were - but they were just too irresistible. We picked so many immediately!
Brendan was especially enthusiastic in picking the perfect apples - he was able to get ones neither of us could reach too!!
It was beautiful just walking down the rows upon rows of apple trees.
I'm so used to seeing Granny Smith apples, that I assumed the Orin apples (and subsequently all green apples) would have a tart flavor to them. Boy were we wrong!
so abundant!
Since we came a little later in the season, many of the apples had fallen off or been picked already. Next year we'll definitely come earlier!
We saw this and wondered how long it'd been there to get like that. 
Everything comes back to nature in the end.
On the other side of the "road," the tractor wagon pulled along other pumpkin patchgoers as a man walked (well, jogged) with his dog behind. The mountains were even more visible here. 
After filling up our bag to the brim, the sun came out! The sunlight behind the corn maze gave a beautifully golden glow.
We went back to the shop and bought cider donuts (yum!) as well as a bottle of their own sparkling cider.
 We also took one last round at the corn cannons :p we even got to shuck our own corn! 
Daniel's last shot made a huge BOOM! sound when it fired off.

On our way home, Brendan took us to a tea shop where he introduced us to one of his favorite drinks - taro + matcha boba. Coincidentally, these are the two flavors I always alternate between! I've never even thought of combining the two into one drink, but it was amazinggggg.
 The night was spent watching the first few eps of Stranger Things, slicing apples to make caramelized apples, and cooking chicken pesto melts. So yummy!
What I didn't realize was that to make caramelized apples successful, you shouldn't cut up the apples beforehand... I'm so sorry TT___TT so our caramelized apples were a bit of a disaster visually. They tasted super yummy though! haha
We ended up watching Anastasia during dinner and fell asleep pretty soon after. :) It was a very, very beautiful way to spend the day. Thank you for reading!

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