25 October 2016

Bellingham and Bellewood Acres

Saturday morning, Daniel and I took a spontaneous trip up to Bellingham for the weekend to do all things Autumn! I've been told that Bham is absolutely gorgeous in the colder months, and the scenery up did not disappoint one bit. There were so many red and yellow trees, especially the neighborhood that Daniel's old roommate lived in.
The neighborhood reminded me of those suburban scenes in movies where everyone is showing up for thanksgiving, or some kind of fun family event. Beautiful houses, dogs trotting around yards, and the faint sound of kids laughing inside.
After what felt like forever since we last saw him, we were reunited with Brendan's cat - Nipsy!!
Since it was Saturday, they took me to the local farmer's market!
There were lots of cool booths and stalls here, with all different spices and foods wafting through the air.
Lots of apples and fresh fruit too!
We got some chicken curry and vegetable samosas to eat before heading out again~
As dreary as it is in Washington, I feel that days like these are the best times for shooting color - especially nature. The muted sky really brings out the vividness of the Autumn leaves, which we all stopped to admire on the side of this building.
Personally, I think I'd love walking up and down this stairway every day (despite my fear of heights).
We arrived at Bellewood Acres in Lynden, and it was packed! Unfortunately the heavy rain from the past few weeks made the ground very muddy and slippery, but it was a sight nonetheless. The mountains in the background were especially visible at certain points of our stay.
So many pumpkins!
Lots of people brought their dogs here.
and their little ones too! We spotted many couples/families surrounding their kids in pumpkins bigger than them. It was so cute.
Off to the corner there was something I'd never ever heard of before -- corn cannons?! I'm not sure how common these are, but you basically try to shoot corn through giant tires. If you shoot one through, you get one more free shot.
Out of the three of us that day, I happened to be the only one who shot clean through a tire. That will probably be the highlight of my entire life in terms of sports or shooting games. 
We went over to the main building to buy some extra tickets for the corn maze, as well as a bag for apple-picking in their orchard! The smell of cider donuts and apples was everywhere.
My next post will be about the corn maze! Stay tuned!

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