26 October 2016

Bellewood Acres: Adam's Corn Maze

It's a simple tradition, but I try to go to a corn maze with friends every October. Usually we run corn mazes at night, though! So this was a nice change of pace. The maze itself is a lot smaller than the one I usually go to (Bob's Corn Maze in Snohomish, WA), but for the daylight that we had left, it was perfect.
I'm also very used to corn mazes being a lush green, so we were surprised to find everything yellow already! Time really flies...
Some earlier mazerunners got curious
We saw a few "openings" here and there, which seemed to be inviting us in.
Daniel's curiosity got the better of him, and while his back was turned, Brendan and I ran in opposite directions to go hide hahaha!
While crouched down at a dead end, I got to admire the corn stalks. I think I like that they make me feel so small, and give pathways a sense of wonder, since they're designed to zig zag every which way.
 I was the first to be found, and when we came to another dead end with a pair of girls, we decided to keep walking in case Brendan went on ahead. Behind us we heard a lot of rustling, and that same pair of girls shouted in surprise. It seems that Brendan was hiding in the corn stalks behind them while they were taking selfies with their dog LOL but when we turned away he realized we didn't see him and came out of his hiding spot. I bet those girls were scared stiff!
 Daniel pointed out a flock of birds up above, and we got to see them flying in formation!
 It had been raining the past week, so the ground in some areas were super goopy! Thankfully I wore boots...
We made jokes throughout the walk about how Brendan was blending into the corn maze
sometimes it felt like he really did blend in! haha
Looking at corn again.
All around us we heard children excitedly chattering to their parents, but there were moments where the only sounds around us were the leaves rustling together in the wind. I really love those moments where I feel transported somewhere else, so to speak. After a short while, we reached the end of the maze, hungry and ready for apple-picking!

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