27 September 2016

Review: Clover Wonder Clips

What a wonderful invention these are. I've been seeing wonder clips making its rounds amongst cosplay friends, so I decided to get a box for myself from Amazon to try out. 

Typically used for quilting, wonder clips are plastic mini-clips that are intended to keep your fabric in place without the use of pins. These seem especially useful when you're working with smaller areas or slippery, delicate fabrics. I've been working with knits lately on commissions, and for me pins just weren't cutting it. I was having issues with keeping fabric properly aligned and eased, so I wanted to test these out ASAP.

They come in their own box, which is a lifesaver because there's 50 of these little things and I have enough problems with my cat knocking everything she sees over. They're lightweight, colorful, and have a very sturdy grip. I was immediately impressed with how strong these clips were without having to struggle to open them. 
While sewing up a hoodie, I used wonder clips to ease in the ribbing waistband to the bottom of a sweatshirt fleece. Ribbing has a much higher stretch ratio than sweatshirt fleece -- sometimes it's even twice as stretchy, so I found myself struggling a bit. By easing, you stretch (but do not distort) one piece to fit the length of your second piece. This is very commonly seen in hoodies at the sleeve cuffs and waistbands where they fit more snugly than the rest of the garment. Trying to balance out the easing with pins was really difficult -- but man! It was so easy to space everything out once I got these. In a few seconds, I had the two pieces attached and ready for serging with no gaps or unevenness.
Running the fabric through my serger! The clips were able to withstand 4 layers of knit with no issue whatsoever.
After you finish serging up hems, it's always best to iron them out to smoothen the seams.
It makes a huge difference, seriously!

So far I'm really impressed with these little guys, and I'm so surprised I haven't heard of or tried them out sooner. You'll be seeing these more often in my WIP posts, that's for sure haha!

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