05 August 2016

Vancouver: mimibuloveme + Guu Garden!

It's been a good 6 years since I've been to Vancouver, BC. My Canadian friends have been harping me to renew my passport/get an enhanced ID for years, and I finally did my time at the DMV and got one. A lot has changed since then, so my friends Devin and Mike showed me around. :)

 I'm getting very used to taking a BoltBus - it's so convenient and comfy!
The trip took about 4 hours or so. Mike picked me up right on time and we took the train to get some food, as I had an early start and was suuuper hungry...
He took me to a small cafe called Mimibuloveme, named after their resident (and roaming) cat Mimi. They're well-known for their parfaits, but we decided to stick with a light meal for now.

their drinks are served in pint glasses! I got an iced green tea - deceiving, isn't it?
Mike recommended the shrimp pasta, which was amazinggggg.
The portion was just enough! phew.
We took the train to Waterfront Station to meet up with Devin, who was grabbing her badge for Anime Revolution (which was also that weekend!)
Vancouver is riddled with old and new architecture -- something I realize I never paid attention to on my last trip.
After getting our badges and chatting with a few of their friends (I met a lot of people in such a short time! oh man), we headed out for dinner.
Stopped by the grocery store for a little bit to grab some things. The desserts are always so beautifully made and decorated...
I try to convince myself that I'll use all these photos as inspiration for when I bake, but I get too hungry, and end up buying the desserts instead...
A lot of places were closed by now, or had no spaces available. It's interesting that a lot of restaurants are reservation only with no waiting list when they're full.

We were able to get seated at Guu Garden, though! It was my first time eating there and hearing about them, so I was excited to try out their recommendations.
 The menus are made out of thin circles of wood! so cool.
We ordered and shared this dish, although I have no idea what the name of it was... it melted in your mouth though *____*!!

Ton toro!

 After dinner we walked off our food by doing a little bit of sightseeing through Yaletown!
there were a lot of really cute apartments ;__; lots of brick and large windows - my dream!! We also passed by a park that had a MASSIVE mastiff.

The night was spent fixing up a few cosplay things and watching videos to make each other cry LOL!!! It ended with comedy skits on netflix, and a good night's rest.

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