07 August 2016

Canada: Granville Island Pt. I

It was breathlessly easy getting swept up in all of Vancouver's character and charm during our day trip to Granville Island. There were so many unique buildings and alleys, and for the most part no shortage of plantlife all along the way. We woke up early to make the most of it, so I broke up the day into two parts to fit everything!
On the walk over, this particular stairway and complex caught my eye, and I found myself getting further and further away from my friends from all of the stopping I did LOL!
Across the street ran some railroad tracks, and eventually we passed over a bridge above them. The view was spectacular, despite the cloudy skies.
I both love and fear railroad tracks, abandoned or not. I think they're beautiful, and I also think they're terrifying. There's an abundance of near-death tropes regarding railroads and railroad tracks in entertainment (not to mention actual deaths), and I have to admit I'm constantly worrying about mechanical failures. But the vegetation settling in between the spaces, snaking and swallowing tunnels and tracks whole... it's a beautiful balance between two forces that occupy the same place.
You could see the cityscape and a bit of the marina!
Lots of examples of an old, worn area along this path.
An old bus stop.
This stairway reminded us of a Ghibli scene -- would love to do a photoshoot here!
We also saw a cat! What would happen if we followed it? I still wonder...
I liked the red railings here a lot~
I loved that, already surrounded by greenery, several residents in this complex tended their own gardens on their balconies.
Once out of the residential district, we found our way to Granville Island! 

But... not before wading through a sea of Canadian geese, which I've been told by many are much more aggressive than their American friends. 

I didn't want to find out whether that was true or not, so I hurried on my way... 

Part I | Part II

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