11 July 2016

Summer in Bellingham: DAY 1 + 2

After Anime Expo, I took a trip up to Bellingham for a week with Daniel! Work was slowing down (just a little bit) and I felt like I needed a true, true week of relaxation. Bellingham is such a quiet and calm place, and it's easily become my favorite vacation spot locally.
The scenery going up north is always enjoyable too!
Since it was a travel day, we took it easy and walked around. Pokemon GO just got released, so we went all over catching pokemon and trying to take over gyms!
We tried taking over this library but it was heavily guarded! haha
We had lunch at Mambo Italiano! The portions were so big! haha

That night we walked around at night catching pokemon, but were told by Daniel's roommate that the university was full of pokemon and gyms! We decided to go the next day.
I've really grown to love WWU on a visual aspect. The architecture, greenery, and sheer size is so scenic and calming. UW will always have a place in my heart, but WWU just has so much charm to it that calls to me. I wouldn't have mind going to this school, if only based on the campus.
After walking around for awhile, we went to eat KBBQ with some of Daniel's classmates -- one of which happened to be my old friend Eric! We went to the same elementary, middle, and high school together and often hung out in the same group of friends (we all went to prom too LOL! Embarrassing linking it). It was really great seeing him, especially since it's been years.
This was my first time having KBBQ on a stone grilling pan. Since it's sloped, the fat rolled down to drain in the pot underneath. Definitely less scary than flames leaping out at you when too much fat falls between the grill plates!
Vegetables and garlic too!! I really like this style of KBBQ.
We spent a lot of time talking with each other and chatting with the owners - everyone is so charismatic and friendly here. 

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