07 July 2016

Seattle: Tanabata Festival

Today my friends took me to the local Tanabata Festival at the Seattle Japanese Garden.

It's been awhile since Kayla, Liz and I were in the same city, so it was really exciting to get together. Unfortunately, I was insanely sleep-deprived from working on commissions, and the start was hectic with me having to ship out my work before heading out.

We made it to the garden just fine, however. And the place was full of people!
There were lots of trees flecked with red.
The day was very overcast, but it was nice and cool, although a bit windy.
in the distance we saw a small tent with people crowded around, so we made our way over!
lots of people enjoying the view of the koi fish!
there were several turtles making their way along the pond :)

over here you could fold origami and write your wishes. We decided to loop around the garden before doing this last.
This reminded Liz and I of Garden of Words haha.
some people came dressed up! so beautiful
the sun made a brief appearance
I really love arbors. I like the way that plants grow all over them, and how light filters through the spaces.
there were all different kinds of plants and trees, and I got swept up by this willow tree in particular. I miss the willow tree at my old house.
we took a break to sit and watch the fish swim around.
we struggled a bit to make the butterflies haha
made it work eventually! Here's mine~
we headed to the international district for lunch, where I showed Liz and Kayla the brick toast place we have here.
I'm definitely gaining a lot of weight showing my friends brick toast LOL...

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