24 July 2016

Discovery Park IV: A Healing Trip

 Lately I've been staying cooped up in my room because of work and my general hobbies. I've been struggling with my skin lately, and the healing process is taking months with ups and downs. They say that moderate amounts of sun exposure is good for the skin, and especially so with eczema. Even just one hour a day of direct/indirect sunlight is good enough. And, naturally, nature in itself is good for the soul. Today my mom and I spent our one hour of sun at Discovery Park, one of my favorite places in Washington (Orcas Island is #1!).
 We parked at the entrance with the staircase that leads to a tree tunnel - probably the prettiest place to enter the park. The sun was slowly making its journey downwards, and the weather had a nice breeze.
We took a leisurely walk down the trails. These plants always remind me of Sting's "Fields of Gold", and I couldn't help but play it in my head while taking these photos.
There are lots of open fields among the forested parts of Discovery Park, which makes it easy for picnics and sunbathing.
This vantage point is one of my favorites though. You can see the forests, the water, the islands, and the mountains all from one spot. :)
We sat on a log for awhile, talking quietly, and enjoyed basking in the sunlight with a soft breeze and a nice view. People passed by and admired the same view, and their indistinct chatter faded in and out.

We both decided to stay a little longer than an hour, before packing up and heading back home.

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