21 July 2016

Cosplay Progress: Okumura Rin from Blue Exorcist

For Anime Expo 2016, I volunteered for Aniplex USA and Weekly Shonen Jump/Viz Media through ACParadise as Okumura Rin from Blue Exorcist. I'm still working on my AX 2016 con report, but when I update my sidebar please check it out! It was an amazing experience, and one I will definitely never forget. The above image was something I made for my work schedule -- were you at any of these? They were all so much fun!

In the meantime, here's a speedpost of my cosplay WIPs!
 Quick test with my tie (Amazon) and ears (Aradani Costumes). While it was difficult to get the tie to sit correctly (and it's not completely accurate in length or print), it arrived very quickly and was a easy and cost-efficient alternative to ordering off taobao. 

My ears were amazing quality - and I admit I've become hooked on Aradani's wide selection of ears (I already own three now.. whoops) since this first purchase. They stick very well using spirit gum, which you can buy directly from their store.
A slightly better shot of the ears
So, I purchased these boots off ebay for Rin.. they look great and feel very comfortable to wear but they ended up being so long!! I completely overestimated the length, although I really liked it overall. I know I could have cut them down and added the white fur, but I was really reluctant to "ruin" a good base. I plan on buying a more accurate version of his boots to modify instead, or learn how to make my own boot cover (finally..)
 I was happily sewing away on the jacket when I realized that I sewed the wrong sides together... I thought it looked very clean while I was seamripping haha.
 Taking my new serger for a spin :D ahhh it makes everything look so nice and finished!!
The shell of the jacket before lining!
Top photo is setting up my jacket to "bag the lining" - where you attach the sleeves of your jacket shell and lining to each other, and then turn inside out. You have to make sure not to have any sleeves twisted or else you'll have trouble sticking your arm inside your sleeve!

Bottom photo is the emblem on Rin's jacket, purchased on etsy from Taylorsewinghandmade. I really liked the quality of their patch and would highly recommend their store! 
During the edge binding process! Somehow I always choose costumes with bias tape, but I can't help love the look haha.
A final (makeup-less) cosplay test!

 I realized, after getting photos back from con, that I made my jacket a little too big and a little too masculine. The jacket is fitted nicely when buttoned up, but since he never buttons up his jacket I should have accounted for that in my patterns. The end result, I felt, made my shoulders too broad and my torso area seem bulky. Despite that, I had a ton of fun and really enjoyed my time cosplaying him -- I'm still debating if I want to completely remake his jacket lol!!! But we'll see.. 

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