01 April 2016

Photoshoot: Your Lie in April

Photoshoot results from a VERY quick, one-hour session with Angela (@MsAngelaCorella) on the last day of Sakuracon, the morning before my last shift with Pony Canyon USA. We did our best to create colors that evoked the very bright, vivid look of Your Lie in April (四月は君の嘘), and I think despite the rain, we were able to make it work haha. Enjoy!
It felt really nostalgic holding a string instrument again, but to be honest I'm not confident about my posture. I played the viola in elementary school very briefly, but I had to quit due to my low-blood pressure and near-fainting problems (later realizing it was due to vasovagal syncope and the combination of a hot, crowded practice room and constantly standing up and sitting down). I've always been a lover of music and have admired musicians all my life, so music-related series really resonate (ha!) with me. I was simultaneously in choir so I decided to stick with it up until the end of my sophomore year in high school (even making a select jazz and all-girl's choir in middle school and high school! it was so fun!) Anyways.... If you haven't seen Your Lie in April yet, I truly, truly, truly recommend it. It's such a beautiful series.
This one is a particular favorite of mine for the sheer serendipity of it. Angela was taking shots of me, when I suddenly stopped to adjust my wig and started to say "wait" -- she kept snapping and ended up capturing a really nice expression and natural pose ;-;

Thank you Angela for putting up with being rained on with me (look how soaked my costume was getting in the last pictures LOL!), and thank you especially to my friend Jane who let me borrow her violin. Thank you also to my mom and Daniel for nagging me to push through the sadness of this anime and to watch and enjoy it -- I tend to avoid animes known to be sad, because I'm afraid of how much I'll cry... and boy did I cry. But I really love this series, and I'm happy to have cosplayed it.

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