29 April 2016

Bellingham: Peruvian Sandwiches and the Mosquito

I woke up super early to work, only to find out that my laptop wasn't connecting to the home wifi. We decided to go to the WWU campus so I could access the wifi there, since Daniel had plans with friends anyways. We stopped by a super cute place called Cafe Rumba, which specialized in Peruvian food.
Really neat architecture in this apartment complex!
Washington in spring is sooo lush and full, I love it.
some of the houses were sprinkled with orange poppies. 
We walked up a hill so Daniel could show me this. I was pleasantly amused LOL reminded me of Artemis Fowl.
very cool mailboxes!
My sandwich was utterly destroyed on the walk up but it was soooo good!!!

I worked from afternoon til night before finishing my tasks and packing up. 
WWU's campuses contain many sculptures, detailed on their website. During my trip Daniel would tell me about them here and there. Tonight we saw what he called "The Mosquito," a sculpture by Mark di Suvero, titled "For Handel," 1975. 
Photo c/o WesternToday, see article here
It's amazing how much history exists and thrives in schools. 

We had just missed the sunset, but the quiet aftermath had its own place in my heart.
We bussed back to a nearby grocery store, where we bought ingredients for dinner. Daniel showed me how to make papa rellena, a Peruvian meat-stuffed croquette dish.
the stuffing! Due to my skin's sensitivity to tomatoes, Daniel used them sparingly which I appreciated greatly...
He also made garlic rice to go with the papa rellena, which reminds me of our Filipino sinangag -- though the method to make is very different. 

Admittedly, my hands were too flour-y to use my DSLR, and I was super hungry, so I only have this phone pic. Oops! But it was very delicious, and I learned a lot about cooking!

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