20 March 2016

Cherry Blossoms at The Quad!

While the cherry blossoms were at full bloom, we took the opportunity to have a very shoujo-esque date haha! Unfortunately it was a bit cloudy/rainy... there are several good places to view cherry blossoms, but in Washington state one of the most iconic places is at the University of Washington campus -- specifically the Quad.
The place was packed! @__@
Daniel and I spotted a huddle of people in one of the grassy areas, so we decided to investigate and found a bunch of cute dogs!!
they were all so so so friendly!
caught a blep!
huskies are such a gorgeous breed of dogs. For those unfamiliar, UW's mascot is a husky. ;v; !!
this one REALLY enjoyed chin scratches - so much that they plopped right down on my foot lol!
with our hands smelling like dog and our hearts full, we left them to continue exploring the Quad.
all around there were people everywhere - laughing and talking. It was a bit chaotic but also a very lovely way to start the day.
These caught my eye from  - hanging flowers are so beautiful!
the sun came out for a small while, so Daniel and I took a rest and sat on a bench to people-watch. You can tell a lot about a parent when no one's watching, when they're not posing for the camera.
We took some pictures of each other (at my steadfast encouragement :P).

Afterwards we decided to go for lunch on the Ave and headed home. *q*

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