14 October 2015

Corsair Gaming M65 RGB Mouse

 For the past few months I've been playing FFXIV again, and I absolutely love it. My computer isn't the best out there, but I can play the game without much issue. I noticed, however, that my wireless mouse has a ton of lag whenever I play. It's especially apparent when I run roulettes/dungeons, which makes me reluctant to play too much. So, after many weeks of sucking at FFXIV with a wireless mouse, I decided to sit down and actually research for a gaming alternative. I happily decided on Corsair Gaming's M65 FPS mouse. 
 I debated between MMO or FPS, but I went with FPS in the end since I'm planning on getting an MMO keyboard anyways. I've gotten pretty used to using a keyboard for my macros, and I mainly needed a mouse with extra keys for switching targets/special commands.
 This is my first foray into the realm of PC gaming, so I really admired the packaging.
 The mouse comes with 3 customizable buttons - I use the top ones for targeting back and forth between mobs, and the sniper button for special skills needed to weave into my rotations.
 I admit the driving force for my purchase decision was aesthetic. I loved the white variant, as well as this version's logo and customizable backlighting.
 There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a gaming mouse that I never realized, and I learned a lot reading articles. A good portion of it has to do with grip, hand size, and what you want it to do. I use my palm when I play, and my skin is sensitive, so something that had a smooth surface was essential for comfort. The M65 is glossy on the white, and slightly textured on the black -- making it easy to securely grip the sides. The buttons below the scroll wheel are for immediate DPI adjustments, which I've found really convenient. It also comes with Corsair Utility Engine, which is the software that allows you to customize your mouse. The UI is difficult to get the hang of at first, and I think there's room for improvement, but you get the idea after awhile. Being able to create mouse "profiles" tailored to different games is awesome. Although, this being my first gaming mouse, everything is kinda awesome at this point haha.
I'm really glad that my first purchase was a sound one. It feels great when playing, even after 10 hours (I should probably stop playing for 10 hours straight though..). Eventually I want an all-white system (case, monitor, keyboard), but for now I'll start out small. Thanks for reading!

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