14 August 2015

Taobao: August haul!

It's Christmas in August!! I ran a very small taobao order for PAX, which just came in the other day! It was raining super hard this morning, so it wasn't fun picking this up and carrying it back to my place ><

As always, mirror shots of what I got! I ordered a small amount of cosplay items this time around.
Megumi Tadokoro from Shokugeki no Souma! The only part of this costume that worked out was the skirt and the bow to be honest... my friend offered to switch jackets with me in case hers ends up being too big for her, though! So it's not too bad.

This is Ghostcos' Tootsuki uniform set, which I personally wouldn't recommend if you normally wear size M/L for Taobao products. This jacket fits way more like a size S, and the quality isn't so great either... As you can see the uniform is too tight, especially in the sleeves and bust area. The skirt itself is an inch loose on me, so it emphasizes the blazer's small size even more (you can see my dress shirt).

My first impression/experience with this new wig store I ordered from is disappointing, too. The photo advertised on the listing looks nothing like what I got. I understand the intent of making Megumi's wig slightly teased to make it thicker, but the braids are so plastic-y that they crimped up in the bag and had to be flat ironed (the entire braid as it was braided) to get uncrimped. The texture feels awful as well. :( It's very low quality. I don't recommend ordering their Megumi wig, and I have reservations about trying them out ever again. I'll be ordering a new wig from one of my usual stores for my November order.
What I WILL recommend, until my last breath, is DogEggG's Saber outfit, both casual and winter versions. The quality in their costume, from a fashion standpoint, is impeccable. The fabrics feel great, thick, and are very well made. The dress shirt in particular fits beautifully, so the measurements are true to size. The closures and plackets are very well-made too; everything feels very secure. Can't wait to do a photoshoot in this cosplay in the future!

Here's a shot of the winter jacket and scarf I bought. Very cozy, flattering, and cute!! The scarf is super long!

I ordered my winter outfit because Michael was getting his Shirou coat as well! Just in time for winter. I hope it snows nearby so we can do a photoshoot!

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