10 July 2015

Lens Review: Beuberry Kitten Eyes Brown

This is my first time purchasing from Uniqso (I've been a Honeycolor gal for yearrrrrs), and I managed to order during their B2G1 promotion. It arrived the DAY before I flew to Anime Expo.... it seems that AX is cursed with 11th hour deliveries for me, as I had previously attempted to order from ISZO a few weeks before ordering from Uniqso. I was stuck with 3 attempts to find contacts in my prescription AFTER I had already placed an order, and their store doesn't show out of stock items, so it was a mess... Their interface was a huge inconvenience and delayed shipping with back-to-back e-mail tag. If you don't have a certain prescription in stock, that listing should really be taken off the available options. Eventually I just asked for a refund and took my money elsewhere. 

Uniqso has a lot of beautiful lenses and brands that I've never seen before (and later I found out a lot of my friends shop at PinkyParadise, who have similar products). I was super happy to find out that they had Beuberry, and the Kitten Eyes series. I was looking for a new pair of brown lenses to use for Natsume Asako from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, and also something subtle for my Sugawara Koushi cosplay (Haikyuu!!). I really liked the review photos I saw of the Kitten Eyes Brown and decided to give it a shot.

Beuberry Kitten Eyes Brown

DIA: 16mm
Water Content: 55%
BC: 8.6mm

I also used these lenses for my Kuriyama Mirai (Kyoukai no Kanata) cosplay, because I wasn't able to buy the lens I wanted from ISZO.

Direct Natural Light

Here's my review breakdown:

Vibrancy: 4/5
In direct natural light, these contacts are lighter than my natural eye color but darker than either of my brown lenses, making for a very subtle and everyday-appropriate pop to my look. I bought them for their enlargement and halo effect, as well as their design, so vibrancy wasn't particularly high on my priority list. I wear these as my everyday lens instead of my Super Pinky Hazel now, because the color isn't as striking and bright.
Comfort: 5/5
These are much more comfortable than my Super Pinky lenses! They never shift and they don't dry out my eyes either. The super high water content (55%! wow!) really shows (or feels?) in the comfort of these lenses. As with every and any pair, I only wear them up to 8 hours as a rule, and sometimes a few hours more if I'm at a con and can't get back to my hotel. At Anime Expo I wore multiple costumes in a day or had a late start, so I haven't worn these more than 8 hours.
Enlargement: 5/5
I love the enlargement so much! It's not often that I buy lenses that give my eyes a "halo" effect (they have to be 15-16mm) so I'm extremely happy with these. How many times have I already used "subtle" to describe these?
Design: 5/5
I think these lenses hold true to the name "kitten eyes," especially in the design. Pairing these with cat eye style eyeliner (like the first photo) and you have a very cute, wide-eyed and curious look. They have a hint of a dark outer ring that isn't black, so it allows the design and color to really stand out without the black overpowering.

I'm hoping to update this review with better DSLR photos, but I'm out of state right now so I just have phone selfies ;__; overall I LOVE these lenses, and will definitely be rebuying. I would completely recommend these. ♥ ♥ ♥

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