28 May 2015

Taobao: May Haul!

Hey guys! My friends and I successfully received our taobao order the other day, so I thought I'd post the photos. This is definitely the biggest order I've ever done, totaling two packages and almost 100 items?! Though it went relatively smoothly, it'll be my first and last large order hahaha!
Our first package.... I was able to sit inside of it LOL
second package! Plus Excalibur....

Here are mirror snaps of what I got!!

Overall a super successful purchase! I'm missing a pleated wool skirt that I bought, but I'll take pictures later.... Unfortunately the reviews for the shoes said to buy a size down, and I really regretted listening! I'll have to buy my regular size in the next order :'( wahhh! At least I know they're super cute hehe! Tadashi ♥ ♥ ♥

I had to buy an XL because everything smaller was sold out, and they wouldn't be able to restock for another 4 months @_@!! It turned out to be in my favor though, because I LOVEEE oversized hoodies and sweaters! hehe. It's very soft and warm too ♥ ♥ ♥
Nibbles approved!
The purchase I'm sad the most about is this one. :( Although it fits in the sole, the circumference of my calf is way too big for it.... TT__TT

EDIT: Other things to note is that when worn, the plastic on the underside of the sole wears off, and with light use some of the fasteners need to be resewn, as they fell off.

One order that was in limbo for awhile was my and my friends' cheerleaader outfits. LOL It was meant to be delivered by Sakuracon, but they delivered a few weeks after... I figured I'd add the shots to this post HAHAHA.

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