06 June 2015

AX 2015 Progress: Ao Haru Ride

Tonight I styled my Futaba wig for my Ao Haru Ride cosplay!

Sakisaka Io is one of my favorite mangakas, and Ao Haru Ride a favorite series of mine, second only to Strobe Edge in Sakisaka's works. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ It's a series I will recommend over and over again, and my deepest wish that everyone falls in love with my favorite character, Touma Kikuchi haha! ♥ I'll be cosplaying her with my friend Ruri as Touma for AX, in fact. ^^ I'm really excited!!

Futaba has a layered, fluffy look to her hairstyle, so initially I was worried how I could trim a long wig to portray that kind of volume. I was pleasantly surprised that there was nothing to worry about!!


Super beautiful and silky wig from Ghostcos! I almost want to buy it again and keep it long...


The trick is to gradually take off sections and layer subtly until you get to your desired length. If you try to cut half of the wig off in order to cut time, you're bound to make mistakes. :( Even though it takes awhile, I think it really pays off slowly styling and trimming your wig.

Also! After accidentally ordering the wrong color tie >< our ties came in the mail! The quality is so nice and very worth the price. ;___;

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