06 April 2015

Con Report: Sakuracon 2015

Sakuracon this year felt like the shortest convention I've had. Ever. I spent most of my time tabling at the Artist Alley so I really don't have a lot of photos to share, but even though it was so short it was very enjoyable and very relaxing. After having a super stressful quarter at school, I definitely needed a chill hangout con. Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table with StudioLG and Angela and to those who bought something from either of us -- we really appreciated it!



Day 1 got off on a rough start. We woke up about an hour late, so Angela and I ran in our pajamas to meet Yasu at our table in the AA. I was ridiculously disheveled and slightly panicked, forgot a bunch of our supplies and then realized I didn't print everything I needed to.... Gahh!

We finished setting up at 10 and finally sat down to rest, then watched as people ran (literally) into the exhibit hall, haha! I stayed for a bit before Angela and I went back to the hotel room to change into Hinata. To my pleasant surprise, and this is an understatement, Nai had asked her friend Steven to sew my Hinata top for me, as well as the invisible zipper (something I'm pits at LOL!!!) I was so overwhelmed with how helpful that gesture was, I didn't know what to say. ;;  As is ritual, I heat n bonded the rest and got pinned into the waistband, and was off to go back to the AA LOL!!

On my way back to the AA I saw a 2nd Hokage and Kakashi cosplayer!! so cooool.

Ended up staying at our table until 4PM, then changed into Jubilee for a 5PM photoshoot with Devin.

I'm missing my accessories but will definitely have them finished for a more official photoshoot ><!!

Met up with Devin, Angie, Mike and headed to the park to take photos~~

I'm still very nervous about taking photos of other people (or anything besides food and plants HAHAHAHA) so I'm very appreciative that Devin always indulges me by letting me play photographer when we meet up. :)

She makes a very very beautiful Psylocke. 

Mike!!! Throwing mad shade 24/7.

Headed back to the AA to meet up with everyone for dinner at Rock Bottom, since it was right after the shoot I brought my Jubilee lights to the table HAHAHA. Ordered the Asiago artichoke cheese dip and 2am burger like always, and loved every single bite. 

We all talked until 9:30PM, wow! Angela and I headed back to the hotel to change and check our messages/etc. Met with Devin and Mike again to hang out in their room, then went back at 1AM. 

One of our hotelmates got a free poster from an  events they want to, and he decided to give it to me!! AHHHH!!!! Kogami ;o;!! ♥ ♥ ♥

This time I offered to sleep on the air mattress, and since the hotel ran out of extra blankets I used my thick jacket, Hiro hoodie, sweater, and a bathrobe. During the night I sometimes have to wear 100% cotton gloves because of my sensitive skin, and the most comfortable position for me to sleep in on the mattress was on my back... so I ended up sleeping in a casket pose with my white gloves on and my jacket zipped all the way up to cover the bottom half of my face. In the morning Angela told me that I freaked out her and her brother on the way to the bathroom, and since I hadn't moved all night she got worried and had to wake me up HAHAHAHA. 


Today we woke up at 8, still a bit late.... Wanted to make use of our free breakfast deal so we went to the top floor and were pleasantly surprised to find how nice the room was! It had a lot of windows and the sun was shining -- super pretty *o*
8AM is still a bit too early for me to eat breakfast, so I ate a small amount @@

After breakfast we went back to the room to get changed, got some more things printed at FedEx then headed up to the AA!

Shirley and Alina stopped by a few times to say hi >3<~~ 

Gumbyyyy! And a dakimakura.... LOL


This Onyx was super coooool ;o;!! Wish I could've seen it in action!


TT____TT aaaaa!! The Wind Rises....

One of my table partners, Yasuuuuu!!!

Curaaaaa so pretty as always ;o;!!! 

Keychains that I made and sold! I'm glad a lot of people liked them, and will be making more from different series!!

Clary, Kayla, and Ellen from Hoozuki *o* !!! Can't wait to join them as Yoshitsuneee!

Kevin as Ragna from Blazblue! So cooool!


This Izumida cosplayer was so funny and popular amongst my friends (and probably the whole sports anime scene LOL!!) The nametags on his pecs are labeled Andy and Frank.

Here's our table setup!! I only had a few prints this year again. ^^; (my prints are the Ib, Naruto, KNK, and SNK ones)

Everyone tore down so quickly!!! wow!!

Our row!! :)

das us!!

Row neighborss ♥ ♥ ♥ 

After AA closed for the year Angela and I quickly stopped by Rock Bottom (a-again................) to get a light snack in before we left for home!! I got the mac and cheese *o*

Angela's fries!

I'm beginning to really prefer having Sakuracon as a tabling/AA con. It's much smaller compared to AX and all my friends go to hang out, so it's always been a personable con meant for seeing people I don't get to see often (or any other weekend in the year!). 

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