21 March 2015

Mini-haul from Sockdreams and WeLoveColors

Anyone who knows me irl, whether at school, work, whatever, knows that I love long socks and colored/patterned tights so much. So when I realized I'd ripped my last pair of colored tights last week, a pair that I'd had since 2010 when I went on my Korea trip, I went out to buy some right away!
Well, okay I didn't actually go out, but I did do some product comparisons on my favorite socks + hosiery website, Sockdreams. In the end, for their color variety, opacity, and rave reviews, I bought their Opaque Tights from Foot Traffic in burgundy, black, and olive (above). I ordered these March 9th and got them March 11th. Since they're based in Portland, OR, it takes only 2-3 days to ship to me! Wonderful selection, great prices, great products, and fast, free shipping. I've been an avid fan since 2008-2009 haha!

Wasting no opportunity, I threw them all on to try. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures because I had to head out, but I'll update this post with photos soon :)!!!

In other sock news, I love love LOVE the selection of WeLoveColors for all cosplay-related, basic solid colors and stripes needs. They always provide a great, sturdy base for any and all my costumes that have needed tights or thigh highs. I purchased their White Striped Thigh Highs for my upcoming Kotori Minami cosplay.  These in particular I wanted to try out for other cosplays, but I wasn't sure about the thickness, or the darkness between their colors. Specifically, their light grey and grey, so I opted for light grey this time around.
Either due to the size range of WeLoveColors, the use of white, or the opacity of their white striped thigh high product, these are slightly sheer on me -- which the light grey and white gets somewhat lost in against the color of my skin. In natural light, the white and grey look fine, but in other lighting the thigh highs almost look like two varying shades of grey. The stripes also appear much thinner than I was expecting judging by the product photos, but stripes are always difficult to gauge online AND on you. While the socks themselves are very cute and feel great, stay up incredibly well with my nude stockings, I'm not a big fan of very thin stripes, as I feel like they're going to be accentuating my curvy legs... the high-top converse wedges don't help too much either -- but I might be being too critical about these stripes hahaha!!

Just in case, I ordered Sockdreams' M Stripes (from their exclusive brand Dream Stockings) in white and light blue to compare (will update this post with photos of those as well!!). Kotori's socks are a thicker-striped white and grey, but so far I'm having little luck finding a good pair in the color + thickness I want, gah! I'll keep searching though. The light blue might match better with the color gradients in Kotori's cosplay anyways, so we'll find out soon. :)


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