22 March 2015

Kim Jung Gi: Seattle Pop Up Art Show

Had the wonderful opportunity to see Kim Jung Gi at his one-day Pop-Up Art Show in Seattle! My coworker Kelvin invited me to go, and I invited Kent and Rico to come with us as well.

Due to the Within Sodo venue having a power outage, the show was suddenly moved to 1927 Events on 3rd. 

Miraculously, there seemed to be no issues getting the word out and many people showed up!

Kim Jung Gi was to have a 3-hour live demo between signings on the wall here.

The line to get his art books/prints sketched and signed! I had already purchased mine at the front of the line and was waiting with everyone else. :)

Various prints were on display all around the venue.

Kim Jung Gi is very famous for his vast visual library and honed skill at drawing straight to ink on paper. Everyone watched his piece unfold in realtime as his translator allowed us to have a Q and A session.

We flipped through his sketchbooks in the meantime.

This is about 1hr or so of progress, I believe!

Everyone took a 10min break to admire his work. His grasp on anatomy, proportion, and perspective is incredible.

I have to take better photos of my sketch I received, but when they asked if I had any requests for a theme, I asked for a "warrior." The finished product was amazingly detailed and so awesome!!

Signings continued afterwards, so Kent, Rico and I decided to leave to eat dinner at Wann.

Me, Kent, and Rico!


Unfortunately I was so hungry and excited to eat at Wann with everyone again (it was our usual hangout spot before everyone graduated) that I didn't take pictures of my dinner. :'( !! But I did get dessert!
My favorite here. <3

Being able to meet and speak with Kim Jung Gi briefly was an incredibly humbling experience, not to mention watching him draw live in such close proximity felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Truly an inspirational artist that I'm fortunate to have met. Thank you for coming out to Seattle! 

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