01 March 2015

Cosplay Progress: Kotori Minami + Hyuuga Hinata

My TB order for this upcoming Sakuracon came in a few weeks ago!! I managed to get my new Kotori wig, my Hinata and Jubilee wig, as well as the shoes I'm using for Kotori's cheerleader outfit, and my hat for Chopper from One Piece. ^^ I was so excited with how Kotori's wig looked on me that I did a test with my Yume no Tobira outfit from ALA... ahh! Can't wait to do a photoshoot for this sometime!!

These shoes are surprisingly really lightweight on top of being absolutely adorable ;__; ! Devin and Anhkai, who'll be cosplaying Nico and Umi with me at Sakuracon, bought matching shoes as well.
Kotori headphones came in as well!!

I wish there were contacts made to look like the Byakugan without looking too creepy! I'll be making Hinata's outfit from The Last: Naruto the Movie :) super stoked for my The Last group!!

And then some selfies taken with my wigs + Chopper hat right out of the box hahaha! I couldn't help myself :P

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