07 January 2015

Make-up test: Kotori Minami

I got over my fear of fake eyelashes today! Hahahaha. After a lot of trial and error figuring out what style works best for me, I think I finally found my go-to eyelash look for female/idol cosplays! And they just so happened to be a $1.50 pair from Daiso HAHAHAHA.
I'm wearing my Beuberry Kitten Eyes in Brown here. :) I love blending pinks and reds in my eyeshadow in both cosplay and everyday wear. 

Kotori has a super soft roundness to every aspect of her. Round hairstyle that frames her face, round eyes, round/soft eyebrows -- she's almost always smiling! The hardest part for me is getting her eye color ^^; While I love my contacts, hers are golden (a color that's hard to find for both dark and light eyes without looking scary). The EOS New Adult lenses in Brown are popular, and are definitely a great choice with a vibrant color, but sadly that entire series doesn't sit on my eyes as well as others, so they shift out of place and give me a lazy eye in photos ;; I'm still looking for a nice pair that works for me, but until then these'll have to do. 
This is my personal interpretation of how I plan on doing Kotori's makeup. :) 

I love my Yuanji wig ʕ→ᴥ← ʔ

Utilizing the pinks, the eyeshadow creates a blush around the eyes, while still retaining a soft, natural look. I prefer using my natural lip color as most lipsticks/stains/gloss irritates my skin or severely dries my lips, but for photoshoots and cons I want to invest in something that is an eczema-safe moisturizing lip gloss. 

Can't wait to get my Kotori wig soonnnnnn!!

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