03 September 2014

Con Report: PAX Prime 2014

2014's con season has officially wrapped up for me with the end of PAX Prime 2014 here in Seattle! It also happened to be the end of a lot of major assignments/midterms for me ^^; so I was super stressed getting my costumes ready for the weekend. (copied from my page) This year marked my 3rd time attending PAX Prime, and it was hands down the best PAX I've ever experienced (also the first time I got to go all 4 days!). I was able to see a ton of old friends as well as make a lot of new ones, and I'm glad I got to demo so many promising games and speak with quite a few devs/learn more about new games. My friends and I were trying to get as much free swag as we could this year, so I only wore 1 new cosplay on Saturday, and spent the rest of the days in comfy clothes. No regrets at all about that decision, haha!

My new cosplay for this con, Muse Sona from League of Legends, was unfortunately rushed due to school. To be honest I started it on Thursday before con, and finished it Saturday morning (the day I wore it). The pleating was completely handstitched, with the main fabric being chiffon. I look pretty tired in most photos because I have been getting maybe 3-4 hours of sleep every day due to work and school, but I was having a ton of fun all the same! I've got a list of things to add/finish before I wear her again, but for the time I had to make a new cosplay, I'm happy it was wearable LOL! I didn't finish Ahri, but I decided not to rush her costume in the end and figured I'd wait until I had more time on my hands.

This con report is ridiculously short because I spent the entire time going through as many exhibits as we could, and trying to get as many freebies too HAHA. This is the only con where I spend the most time going to as many events as possible.


I got to the con at about 2:30PM I think (late I knowwwwwww) so as soon as I met up with my friend Angela, I dropped off my stuff in our hotel room at the Grand Hyatt. We had a very awkward experience with one of the bellhops, but he was a good guy so it was just an amusing start to the con hahaha. We were both in casual clothes so we headed straight to the dealer's hall to check out all of the booths and see if there were any games we wanted to play that day. As usual it was super crowded, and most of the lines were capped when we got there, so we mostly scoped out where everything was and waited for raffles.
I met up with my friend Stuart and we went to pick up swag bags really quick, when the Sunset Overdrive bus passed us by. I kinda wanted to try it but I didn't know if anyone else wanted to go/wasn't sure how much I really wanted to go HAHAHA.

This statue at the entrance to the exhibit hall was massiveeeeeeeee and so cool *__* you can see the drool so clearly in this photo.


Day 2 Angela and I both wore our cosplays! My costume was extremely easy to put on, so I was really happy about that!!

In the splash art, Muse Sona's design has a very.... Shirley Temple-esque hair style, which I wasn't really fond of. I decided to go with soft, long curls instead. :) I forgot my green contacts at home so I had to wear my blue ones >< aaaaa

About an hour into the con I realized that I wouldn't be able to take any photos today, because my hands were full carrying my etwahl @___@ I was really happy that a lot of people recognized meee though! And I got to talk about how I made my costume, as well as show off Devin's work in creating my weapon and making it completely con-practical. You can view all of her progress photos of it on her page!

After awhile we decided to get some photos outside!

Photos by Angela!! I'm super happy with these hehehe, even though my hair and weapon cover the handpleating I did LOL

I'd REALLY REALLY love to thank my friend Rundevinrun Cosplay for making my Etwahl so beautifully, and for adding in hinges that allowed me to fold it in half so that I could get through the con EXTREMELY easily. So many people came up to me just to compliment her work, and I wish she could've seen their faces when I showed them how it folded *o* so thank you thank you thank you Devin for letting me commission you on such short notice!! I'll be adding EL wire in later for some cool light-up effects. :)))

Met up with Waleed and Chong to catch up a bit :D!! Because of school and work I hardly hang out with anyone unless I'm already in the area... it's super hard to get me out of the house away from homework unless there's kbbq, hotpot, or dimsum involved.....................

Changed out of my costume and wore normal clothes for dinner!

Feels like the beginning of a con tradition. At the last Sakuracon, a bunch of us at the Artist Alley went out for a big dinner, and we ordered the 2AM burger and Artichoke and Asiago appetizer. *___* so we got that again. But... our burgers were burnt/too well-done tonight :(


On Day 3 I borrowed Angela's fem!Haruka cosplay from Free!, because I completely did not bring any other cosplay besides Sona and my unfinished Ahri costume... t.t I didn't want to wear normal clothes again, so this was a super comfy alternative HAHAHA
We met up with her friend Michael, but he was waiting in line at the Twitch booth, so we went back to the hotel to eat breakfast really quick.
so cute!!!! Both the kid and the ride... I wanted to ride it too but........................
I really really wanted to ask the guy in the left picture what he was from, because from far away I thought he might've been from Sengoku Basara. We were in a hurry though so I had to quickly snap his photo and leave :ccc
So coooool!

got Logitech tattoos! Waiting in line for the Magicka demo (it was super fun but super chaotic and confusing - which made it even more fun LOL)

By this time everything had closed down, so we headed over to the PC Free Gaming floor across the street.
super creative usernames left by previous players lol. We played CS Go for an hour, which was both fun and frustrating because I'm not very good at FPS... so I died a lot...

Both Michael and Steven had to leave, so the two of us walked around to see which panels/rooms were still open. We found a classic gaming room! It was amazing hearing old sounds and watching people play super old games, but the craziest setup was this table immediately left of the entrance. There was a retro analog TV (dials, wood frame, antennas and everything) displaying the very first ping pong game in acidic seizure-inducing colors, and next to it was a twin famicom console, something I'd never seen before.
suuuuuuuuuuper oldschool

Next I took photos of Angela's Ellie (The Last of Us) outside! It was a little hard to get that desolated feel with cars and people everywhere, but hopefully these turned out okay. She made such a cute Ellie T___T !!

So many awesome displays T__T !!!

Guess what we had for dinner again .... LOL!
I never want to quit you.


Last day at PAX :'( !!!! Decided to be super chill and dressed in normal clothes again to make one last round. 
GRAGHHHHHH ♥___♥ these were so awesome. Someday someday...

The details on these were so amazing
We played as many games as we could on the last day before having to leave for home! I had a ton of fun rooming with Angela, her bro, and their friends and also hanging out here and there with mine ;w;. It was hands down the best PAX I've ever experienced and I can't wait to (hopefully!!!) go next year too! See you guys!

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