12 July 2014

AX 2014: Yowamushi Pedal Photoshoot

At AX 2014, I had the pleasure of photographing these wonderful artists and cosplayers (*゜∀゜*) I wore my Manami cosplay too for the fun of it, and there were soooo many Yowamushi Pedal cosplayers on Day 3!! It was so cool meeting new friends and gushing about the series ;w;.

First shot Ling, who makes a beautiful... everything *___*

waiting while I take solo shots of everyone~~
Next I shot Gisu and Kaela!
Gisu made so many funny faces LOL!

Naruko and Aoyagi so cute ;-;!!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) !!

JIN AS YUUTOOOOO. I'm not caught up with the manga yet, but I really want to now LOL! 

This is my favorite shot of my Manami so far, even though my costume is unfinished ;o; Thank you Ling for shooting me too!!

Thank you guys for letting me shoot your Yowapeda cosplays and also for being super fun to hang out with!! See you next time!!

Photoshoot Info

Naruko Shoukichi: Gisu
Aoyagi Hajime: Poiv
Shinkai Yuuto: Goombaprince
Kishigami Komari: Camaryllis
Manami Sangaku: Crowkidd
Photo: Crowkidd

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