17 July 2014

Centered in The Universe

Part 4 in these fun photo adventures. :)! Awhile back Lex had told me about the Griffith Observatory, a place I'd honestly never heard of but was captivated by the idea of going the moment he mentioned the word "space." One of the things on my bucket lists, near "Go to every aquarium in every city I visit" is "see a planetarium show." Pretty simple, since I'm sure I could have seen any number of planetarium shows in Seattle growing up, but the opportunity never really came up, and I was never sure who would actually be interested in seeing one with me. After telling me about it, he promised he'd take me sometime to see it, so we made plans to go while I was visiting LA for Anime Expo!

As always, we got a little lost a few times and took some wrong turns, but made it to the observatory in good time... I got to see a lot of pretty houses on the drive over. :)
The view overlooking California hills is very, very different than overlooking Washington hills hahaha. We ended up parking at the very bottom/beginning of the parking spaces, not realizing how many open slots there were further up.
Took pictures along the way!
This tree was super beautiful 
A ton of people were there on a Thursday!
Spent a lot of time just walking around checking out all of the exhibits and displays.
About 10-15 minutes in, an announcement for the planetarium show's last call started sounding. I nearly broke my neck to look at Lex, because I had never seen a planetarium show, and I must've paced back and forth a few times and looked like I really wanted to see one, because after a few minutes Lex asked me if I wanted to HAHAHA. So we decided to buy tickets for the 5PM showing (which the clerk said was his favorite show!). We walked around the entire observatory checking out everything, since the show was in another hour or so.
Ahhh Einstein... At first we were just going to take pictures next to him on the bench, but then these two girls decided to sit on his lap and take super funny pictures, so we waited in line to do the same thing but... everyone was watching and it was really awkward because I made Lex sit on his lap HAHAHAHA.
The planet models near the ceiling were so cool!!
The planetarium show was absolutely amazing. The special effects really made you feel like you were traveling, and at one point Lex jumped because he thought he was going to drop his camera, which made me jump and grab my camera too LOL.... I can 100000% see why the clerk said that "Centered In The Universe" is his favorite show, and if you get the chance to go to Griffith Observatory, you should check it out too :)!!!
Snapped a quick pic before the show. The seats were so comfy, I could've fallen asleep in them.... someone actually did, because I heard them snoring.....

After the show we walked around to all the places we hadn't gone to yet, especially outside on the upper levels!

Cute doggies!!

We drove down to Little Tokyo for dinner at this izakaya place that Lex recommended, called Honda-ya!!
We both got white peach chuhai! My first time having this drink, and it was super good!!
Katsu :>!!!
Shrimp tempuraaaa
Pork belly *o*!!

This place was super fun, and we had the chance to sit on the tatami mats by this display case showcasing a fullset of samurai armor... it was seriously the coolest thing, and I kept turning around to look at all the detail ahhh T___T! The food was really great too, but dangerous because it can get expensive really fast HAHAHA.

Thank you again for taking me!!!!

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