14 June 2014

AX Progress: Kyoukai no Kanata

My KNK cosplay came in the mail on Tuesday! I'm so happy! Everything fits really well and looks so cute ;w;. I trimmed the bangs and shortened the length of the wig (it was down to my shoulders!) and ahhh I'm so happy with it! I wore my EOS New Adult in Blue for these selfies, and just photoshopped them brown after. My new brown contacts should be hear in about a week! @.@ I've been sick this past week, which is pretty crappy timing with finals, work, and AX prep... just gotta pull through until next Thursday and then I'll be on my 3-week summer break!

I have to work on my unhappy/neutral faces, but I just felt really cute in this wig and red glasses, I couldn't help myself hahaha.
I decided to go with the summer uniform version, because I'm definitely going to melt at AX............ I was initially going to make the cosplays for Hana and I, but school's been pretty rough, so we decided to buy them to match and not fuss too much. :) I'll be Kuriyama on Day 2, and Hana will be Ai Shindou with me!
I've had these shoes since 2010 I think, they're my favorite pair even though they're 1/2 - 1 size too big hahaha ;-; they're super comfy but I trip in them a lot LOL! I guess it's fitting.
The skirt is short! @ @;

I got too excited to put it on that I forgot to iron the skirt first ^^;
This wig is super cute with and without glasses gah ;__; sorry for OOC selfies.

I got too lazy to photoshop my lenses on these last ones...

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