03 May 2014

Hello, Rue ♥ ♥ ♥!

This week has been pretty exciting, in the "small victories" kind of way! A former classmate of mine was selling one of her size 8 dress forms online, and I happened to be online right when she uploaded so I grabbed it right away! What I didn't know until after I met up with her husband for pickup was that it was a Wolf Form! Also stylized as Wolform dress forms, these dress forms have been the leading dress forms in the industry for decades. They're meticulously crafted and are collector's items to many -- ranging anywhere from $800 - $1000+ ! I had absolutely no idea I was getting a Wolform judging by the price she asked for, so I was very pleasantly surprised and blessed that it was also in near-perfect condition (aside from bikini marks around the bust front and back)! The downside, however, is that the collapsible shoulders do not work -- Maybe while transporting from her to me, the shoulders became unaligned, causing the locking mechanism to be put out of place. So sad! :( It'll make it difficult to get dresses on and off, but I'll have to make do....
After mulling it over for a few days... I decided to name her... *drumroll* Rue ♥ :) I've always liked the name, ever since I first played Threads of Fate/Dewprism. I was happy to see the name appear in The Hunger Games series as well, which made me love the name even more.

I've since started gathering materials for my AX cosplays, so purchases and progress are now in full swing! It's nerve-wrecking and thrilling at the same time, because I've been planning on cosplaying Ouka for about a year now! 

Some of the materials I got in the mail this week! Faux suede for threading the armor, orange jewels for her forehead band, and feathers for her shoulder piece! I'll be buying some striped turkey feathers soon as well, then construction will begin!!!

Friday was my classmate's birthday, and while I wasn't able to go to the dinner party that night (due to picking up Rue!) we had lunch at Paddy's while I waited for my mom!

We split these sausage appetizers and omg! It was like sausage in a croissant... heavenly.

He got the meatloaf sliders while I got the chicken BBQ sliders!!

After I got picked up, Kent came over and hung out for awhile. I showed him Cry's LPs of the horror game Ib and (to my HUGE surprise) he loved it!!! wahhh!! So we watched part 1 - 3 before he had to leave, and he said he'd watch the rest at home hehe. ;v; so cool when friends like stuff I didn't think they'd like!

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