06 March 2014

New wallet! :)

After months stuffing loose bills and unorganized cards into my pockets (or backpack), I finally sat down and bought myself a new wallet!

Because of the work I do, and the types of events I have to go to, I feel more at ease with a classy, simple clutch wallet. If it's too small, then I'll misplace it ALL the time, and if it's a nerd wallet (as I so often want to get), I'll feel self-conscious pulling it out to pay for things because it may come across as unprofessional. I really like low-key, versatile bags that are sturdy. At first I was searching for a white/cream clutch wallet, because that was what I had before this one, but the more I searched the more I remembered how much dirt and scuff marks my wallet collected. I ended up buying this wallet from Dasein, a 2008-founded brand owned by La Vani, Inc. This brand specializes in high quality handbags for an affordable price.

 The first thing I noticed about this wallet was how solid it felt in my hands. Though I'm comparing my experiences with ~$8 wallets, the faux leather feels thick against a sturdy reinforced backing, without a lot of bulk or too much weight to it. 

  There are 5 wide pockets and 11 card pockets total. The insides of the wide pockets sport a very pretty satin pinstripe lining. 

Exterior coin pocket with asymmetrical accordion fold to reduce bulk.

Overall I'm super pleased with my purchase choice, as I've never bought Dasein before. The stitching is beautiful, and the faux leather feels very rich. Definitely gives off a much more high-end look, despite it's price (after shipping it came to $20).

Doesn't my new apartment's hardwood floors make everything look so snazzy? I'm gonna have so much fun taking haul photos here!

Item Details

Dasein Faux Leather Wallet in Burgundy Red

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